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Our Story
Founded in 2013, The Purple Network offers a mentorship and coaching program for female youth facing multiple barriers. We support the growth of female youth and create opportunities for young women to succeed through educational enrichment activities, mentoring, and an Alumni Network to support each other. We operate in the belief that inherent in every child is the ability to succeed and thrive in life.

The Issue
Young girls who face socio-economic barriers are more likely to experience disadvantages later in life. They experience increased levels of stress and can find their suffering translates to mental health issues, including depression. Their ongoing suffering can also translate to school disengagement, substance abuse, and criminal activity. These ripple effects are felt not only by the girls themselves but by the entire community. It is critical that we create programs that can break the cycle between the socio-economic barriers and negative outcomes.

Our Vision
Empowering girls for community achievement and leadership

Our Mission
The Purple Network mission is to provide an innovative mentorship experience for motivated young girls facing multiple barriers equipping them with skills to achieve their grown-up aspirations and build a diverse network of talented, vibrant women who inspire and support one another

Passion leads to performance, performance leads to success!


Purple Network supports female youth in rural and vulnerable communities by creating opportunities for them to acquire technical skills for income generation. Our focus in technical skills transfer is in the manufacture of hair and skin care products, handicraft, bead work, weaving of baskets among others.

Armed with technical skills, we provide female youth with entrepreneurship skills on how to start, manage and grow small businesses that can improve their livelihood. We do this through monthly organized training with our expert trainers. Our interventions include business training, business plan preparation, business coaching, support to prepare action plans that guide their implementation plan for business success, marketing and networking.

Show your network and we will tell you your net worth. At Purple Network; we believe female youth can succeed more if connected to other networks locally and international. We believe in the power of networks to inspire, exchange ideas, develop and test business ideas, market and grow a business, coach and mentor young females to achieve their dreams. We do this by organzing networking events that help the young females establish partnerships for change and growth.

Purple Network believes in developing young female leaders in all aspects of their life and mentorshp is a key process in our work. We intervene by carefully selecting mentors who have walked the journey and are willing to share knowledge, experiences and resources for growth. For each group of young females in business, we match them with a mentor who guides them to success.

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